Science vs Cinema
Astrophysicist Dr. Andy Howell reviews the scientific accuracy and portrayal of scientists in Hollywood's top sci-fi films. Episodes feature science demos, consultations with experts, and interviews with the cast and crew. Check out our pilot episode about The Martian:
Education through Entertainment
Science vs Cinema episodes have over 6.5 million views on youtube and the channel has over 80 thousand subscribers. Check out the channel.

So far we have produced episodes about:

The Martian
Black Panther
Star Wars
Ad Astra
The Current War
Star Trek: Picard
Valerian & The City of 1000 Planets

The show was co-created by Cinedata founder J.D. Brynn and host Dr. Andy Howell, Senior Scientist at Las Cumbres Observatory.

Cinedata also produced the announcement video for Las Cumbres Observatory and their involvement with discovering the first observed Kilonova: the merger of two neutron stars to form a black hole. Learn more from our Case Study.