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Las Cumbres Observatory
Sharing an incredible discovery with the world
Las Cumbres Observatory is a network 25 telescopes at 7 sites around the world working together as a single instrument, maintaining a constant look at night sky as the Earth rotates. LCO has been involved with the discovery of numerous black holes, supernovae and exoplanets throughout the universe.
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Cosmic Concepts
In 2017, LCO's telescopes were critical to the discovery the first observed Kilonova: the merger of two neutron stars to form a black hole. We were hired to film the astronomers as the Kilonova measurement data was first coming in, capturing organic and authentic reactions to the discovery process. We produced an explainer video about the Kilonova, which weaved in the compelling story of the researchers themselves.
Sci-fi Film Reviews
We already had a special connection with the observatory through our collaboration on the popular movie review show Science vs Cinema, co-created by our founder J.D. Brynn and their Senior Scientist Dr. Andy Howell. 

This show proved to be the perfect platform to share news of the Kilonova discovery, and the video has over 400K views.
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“Cinedata produced a timeless video that documented the discovery process and was one of the first sources to announce and explain the Kilonova to the world.”
Erik Lucero
Dr. Andy Howell
Senior Scientist
Las Cumbres Observatory
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