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Demonstrating the value of an Artist in Residence program
DRAWEVERYWHERE is an illustration focused creative studio with styles connecting nature to technology. In 2018 they founded an Artist in Residence program at Google Quantum A.I. and Cinedata has been filming their artistic work and collaboration with scientists from the very beginning.
DRAWEVERYWHERE used our assets for:
promotional videos
social media
media assets
press kits
archival material
PBS Newshour segment
A PBS reporting team visited Google Quantum A.I. to profile the Artist in Residence program. Cinedata provided producers with the drone, time-lapse and behind-the-scenes footage we had captured over the years, which became the visual backbone of their segment:
"The Cinedata team has illuminated the dynamic Art / Science collaboration with Google Quantum AI in a beautiful and unforgettable cinematic manner."
Erik Lucero
Forest Stearns
Founder and Principal Artist
Quantum A.I. Artist in Residence film
To complement the PBS Newshour segment, we produced our own film about the Artist in Residence that gave a deeper dive into the work of the artists and their creative process.
"The final edits always amaze."
Erik Lucero
Dr. Erik Lucero
Lead Engineer and Site Lead
Google Quantum A.I.
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