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Google Quantum A.I.
Documenting the story and characters around groundbreaking achievements
Google Quantum A.I. is committed to creating quantum computers that can solve near-term problems both theoretical and practical for the benefit of humanity. Cinedata has a long working relationship with the research team going all the way back to 2011.
They've used our assets for:
promotional videos
ad campaigns
social media
press kits
trade shows
media assets
archival material
Quantum Supremacy Announcement
Our filmmakers were embedded with Google’s quantum computing researchers while they worked to achieve Quantum Supremacy: the demonstration that a quantum computer can outperform the best supercomputer on the planet. 
We collaborated with Google’s ad agency Across The Pond on the narrative, film production, and curated our archive of documentary footage for press clips and the announcement video, which has over 7 million views on youtube.
“Cinedata is masterclass at capturing the essence and the 'making of moments’. They are nimble and responsive with on the ground and in the air solutions.”
Erik Lucero
Erik Lucero
Site Lead and Lead Researcher
Google Quantum A.I.
Google I/O
As part of their 2021 developer event, Google showcased the new Quantum A.I. campus. Cinedata produced drone, time-lapse and specialty footage was used as part of the keynote and to announce the event on social media.

These assets have also been part of various public presentations, including TED Talks and SXSW.

Most recently these assets were featured in PBS Newshour's profile of the Artist-in-Residence program.
Virtual Tour
We also produced the video and photo content for an interactive campus tour, which was a Webby Award Honoree.
Meet a Quantum Mechanic
A web-series presenting day-in-the-life profiles of some of the researchers. Cinedata handled full production and post.
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