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Mountain Running
Building awareness of a little-known niche sport
The Canadian Trail & Mountain Running Association organizes the National Championships each year and assembles the team that competes at the biennial World Championships.
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Cinematic Athletics
Cinedata produced a short film about the Canadian Mountain Running National Championships in 2019 as part of a fundraising campaign for the Canadian team and broader outreach to grow the number of participants in future years. We shaped the story around a long-time athlete who was a perpetual runner-up in the sport, still seeking his first Canadian title. The film was incredibly well received and helped raise money for the Canadian team's expenses at the World Championships that year in Argentina.
Future collaborations
Mountain Running is now bigger than ever in Canada, having been recognized by Athletics Canada and has seen massive increases in awareness at both the recreational and competitive level.

Cinedata is currently developing a larger project that will follow a diverse group of competitors in the lead up and during the 2024 Canadian Championships and subsequent World Championships in Spain.
“With a limited budget, short timeframe and hostile terrain, Cinedata captured the National Championships at a level worthy of a broadcast sporting event.”
Erik Lucero
Adrian Lambert
Head Coach
Canadian Mountain Running Team
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